Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

Today was a jammed action packed day. At 6:30 we woke up and ate cereal with milk for breakfast. Next, we rode over to the bottom of Mount Sage, the highest point in the British Virgin Islands. Our goal was to hike up the strenuous 3 mile trail to the top. As we started the hike we were immediately faced with the hardest part, a steep uphill .5 mile section. After those first 10 minutes the hike was not so bad. I was proud of my shipmates because none of them ever gave up. All of us reached the summit. Brandon was the first to summit along with Merial at 21st and 22nd place. Then Michael and I finished right behind them at 26th and 27th. It was cool to be able to say that as a group we did it! Following the hike we ate some delicious ice cream and burgers. While at port I walked down to the beach and listened to a local musician. Then I joined Reese for some conch fritters. Next we boarded the boat and headed to Sandy Cay. At Sandy Cay we had a sand castle contest. Most of the boats wanted to make an “inverted sand castle” AKA a giant hole, however, some of us thought that digging a huge hole was a waste of our artistic abilities. Therefore, Reese, Michael, and I made a giant sea turtle. It was awesome and so much fun! At the moment we are about to leave the boat to go to Sidney’s Peace and Love, a locally famous BBQ restaurant, for some BBQ chicken and fun. Today was a very intense day with all the activity and I feel like I am going to fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.