Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

After a long night of fun at Sidney’s, none of us were all too eager to get out of bed early this morning, but we were definitely awoken by the great smell of the chefs making French toast. After a delicious breakfast we had a quick fun sail over to Sandy Spit, one of the most beautiful islands in the entire BVI’s. We all got in the dinghy to drive over to the entry of the “Playgrounds” dive and had our first “seal team 6” entry from the dinghy. The dive was very cool. In addition, we all had a great time. We had a very good lunch of ramen noodles and quickly moved our boat so we would be right over the dive site. The Divemasters hung out on our boat for a little bit and we all just chilled for a while. After this we were all given an option, to take another dive, or to have time on Sandy Spit. T went on the dive, and after seeing a squid, an eagle ray, and going through an awe-inspiring swim-through I can undoubtedly call it my personal favorite dive this summer. From what we were told, those who went to the beach had a great time as well. Those who went on the dive took the boat back to Sandy Spit and picked up the others who went to the beach. After we were all back on the boat, we took a quick shower then hung out while the chefs made franks and beans with cornbread. The dinner was very good. After we ate, we had to clean up so the staff could have a staff meeting in their salon. After we had cleaned up the boat we all headed over to Great White to have a Lifeworks Forum regarding goals. As soon as we got back we got ready for bed, eager to begin another day of fun.