Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

The start of our adventurous day began at 5:30, as everyone woke up to have a quick breakfast and headed to the dock. Once all of the boats arrived, 156 shipmates (and staff) started hiking up the steepest road I have ever seen. Everyone had the opportunity to go at their own pace and talk with new people from other boats. Although it was very early and challenge for many, it was the perfect break from living at sea. After many miles, we reached the top of Mt. Sage. We walked up three stairs to reach a platform that looked over Nanny Cay. It was extremely rewarding to look over the mountain we all just powered up. We were refreshed with a nice banana smoothie and continued our descent. As the longest day ever continued, we participated in a sandcastle contest, where we had the original idea to create a toilet out of sand. And the day finishes with a delicious BBQ and dance with the entire program. Despite the early rise, this was truly an exciting and exhilarating day!