Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

We woke up today to the beautiful sound of Nick ringing a bell as loudly as possible. After a nutritious oatmeal breakfast, everyone headed across the bay for our last dive before we would earn our diving certifications. During our dive, we saw a huge moray eel. It was hideous. We also had underwater ninja fights and completed our final skills tests. We are all now certified open water divers! Since it was a rotation day, we went to another boat and watched a movie about plastic and how it is ruining the ecosystem. Thank goodness we all brought Nalgenes! We learned how to make Turk’s Head bracelets. It was pretty tricky, but now we all have white rope bracelets that accentuate our bronze tans. Most of the boat went wakeboarding, and it was gnarly. We sailed over to Cane Garden Bay and took showers. We had a yummy dinner of Thai peanut chicken and rice. David attempted to catch some seagulls and was unsuccessful. His day shall come. The day wound down with all the shipmates chilling and listening to music while admiring the houses on the hills that still have their Christmas lights up.