Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

After an early night to sleep, we awoke to some oatmeal. We sailed for about an hour, during which most shipmates napped or read. We ended up in Brewer’s Bay, and we rafted to Second Wind, because of a shortage of mooring balls. There we had our first dive; for the Dolphin’s it was a research dive, and for the Neptune’s it was a fun dive. After the dive, I am informed that we drifted around for a while while we filled our tanks, but I wouldn’t know cause I was asleep. We then took a dinghy to a new dive site and did a Navy entry with all of our dive gear. On this dive, we saw two squids and swam through some rocks. We took the dinghy back to Surprise and ate quesadillas. The Dolphin’s took Crush (the dinghy) to go turtle tagging. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to capture one. We ventured to the boat and drove to Cane Garden Bay to refuel. We will stay here for the rest of the night.