Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

You know it will be an interesting day when you wake up to the sound of an air compressor overhead, the boat engines and staff members “Good morning JC!” down the hatch at six in the morning. We were going to the dive site quickly after breakfast, and we had eggs as well as blueberry “muffins” (I think it was cake). The dive was at a site called Monkey Point, and even with mild navigation errors made by me and other buddy teams, we had a very good dive. At Monkey Point, we saw Kayla;’s parents on another boat and tried to make a fool of ourselves as the family reunion ensued. At the next anchorage, we hung out and had some much-needed rest and relaxation. The Dolphins did a shark dissection, which I head was quite an experience, while the Neptunes had an equipment briefing. Trust me; when I say this, if you need to know how to put on a mask, I’m your guy. All the Neptunes got to go to the beach. The most interesting thing on the beach was opening coconuts…and watching other people try to open coconuts as I sat enjoying coconut milk. When we got to go back to the boat, we got dressed and ready for a BBQ, which was filled with rocks and food. To be honest, though, the best part of the day had to be the Cannon Ball and Smallest Splash contest off the boat. This was the best way to relax.

Peace, Love, and Surprises