Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Hearing the sound of some sick beats, we woke up and set sail for the Pinnacles. Upon our arrival, it was time to prepare our dive gear and our brief for the dive. For the Dolphins, it was our third research dive. For the Neptune’s, it was a fish ID dive. We saw some eels and some colorful reef fish before we came back to the surface. Once we were all back from the dive we helped to detach the lines from the mooring ball and set sail for our second dive site of the day at Shark Point! Dolphins immediately set up their gear and went on an underwater research dive. We saw some cool overhead environments and even saw a lionfish. Meanwhile the Neptune’s cooked some amazing quesadillas and had a little dance party while they were at it. After lunch, the Dolphins grabbed their snorkel gear and headed into toothless (the dinghy) to go meet up with some other dolphins from another boat that we were going to go tag turtles. The Neptune’s went on a fun dive and spotted a lionfish. After a short brief, the dolphins were dragged behind dinghies with their snorkel gear on. Elena spotted a small hawksbill turtle and raised her hand. We stored the dinghy and all circled it in order to catch it. The first few attempts were unsuccessful but finally we snuck up from behind and brought it to the surface. Once we had the turtle on the boat, all of the Dolphins helped to take the measurements that are needed for the tagging. It was pretty awesome! Lastly, we put a couple of tags on the turtle and released the turtle back where we found it. Back on the boat, we swam for a little bit until it was time to sail back to port. We all helped on deck while we were sailing to port. Now we are chilling on the boat and getting ready for another dinner in paradise.