Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

We started the day bright and early. At around 6:00am we head the alarms go off as we rush to eat breakfast and get ready for the hike. After a quick meeting on the docks, we started the three and a half mile uphill journey to the top of the tallest mountain in the BVI’s, Mount Sage. The hike was hard, but well rewarded. Once we reached the top we could buy some delicious banana smoothies before embarking on the journey back. Despite just climbing a mountain, the day wasn’t over. After some time exploring Cane Garden Bay, we all sailed around the corner. It was there where we had our sandcastle building competition. Our boat built a massive great white shark eating a flip-flop. Seems a bit strange, but it worked! We won first place for the best sandcastle. However, the day wasn’t over. We all hopped back on the boats, took a quick shower and sailed for Sidney’s Peace and Love for our beach BBQ. We stayed there for most of the night eating, dancing and exploring the little shops in the are. 11:00pm signaled the end of the day. Once back on the boat, everyone was exhausted. The “Longest Day Ever” was crammed full of activity, but at the same time, it flew by. There was never a dull moment. Now we are all going to bed to recover and get ready for a new day full of adventure.