Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

We woke up at 7 am to the sound of the roaring engine. We stumbled our of our beds, grabbed our PFD’s and motored on over to Monkey Point. We chowed down on scrambled eggs, banana nut muffins and fruit. As soon as we finished cleanup, the Neptune’s were rushed off to Shazam for an equipment specialist lecture while the dolphins dove for their projects. After the lecture, the Neptune’s had some fun and played in the water by Shazam. Around 12, Neptune’s joined the dolphins back on Great White and ate vegetable soup (it was so hot!!). After the leisurely lunch, we made our way to Sommer’s Beach and had beach time with all of dive side. We played a rescue game (My team won!). After the game, we just hung out until the dolphins had to leave us for a shark dissection (gross!)! The Neptune’s joined Rangitoto Too on their boat until the dissection was over, and we all met back at home around 4. The Dolphins came home with five new presents: baby sharks in a bag! Now it’s 5:15 and we’re all ready for the beach BBQ. I cant wait for burgers and ActionPunch. I would give today about a 28/28.