Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today was fantastic! We started it off with a bowl of cereal (after we have a friendly argument about who gets the Frosted Flakes first, of course). Then we cleaned it all up and went over to the spot where we would have our last rotation day. The first rotation for us was watching a film about sailing and Irving Johnson. It was interesting for the first 45 minutes but got a little boring at the end. The films were still cool to watch, though, since it showed a group of people and a man named Irving Johnson. They were sailing around Cape Horn through dangerous storms and winds, yet still made it home to safety. When we finished the movies, we went over to another sailboat to start Pico sailing. A Pico is a smaller sailboat that is challenging to control but fun once you get the hang of it. The next stop was scuba diving. When we were down there, we saw a sleeping nurse shark, which was awesome! During each dive, we have a safety stop for 3 minutes (even though it isn’t necessary, it’s good practice for the future). In the middle of my group’s safety stop, my shipmate Jessie signaled to me that a shark was behind me. So I turned around super fast but then saw there was really no shark. I was a little mad at the time, but I laugh at it now, and I think it’s pretty funny. After the false alarm, we surfaced from the dive, but it wasn’t any dive. This dive was our last dive needed to be certified open water scuba divers. Do you know what that means? It means we are all certified now! My shipmates and I are all extremely excited for future dives, including the upcoming wreck dive. Soon after that, we had a delicious lunch and sailed to our next destination, where our hike that will take place tomorrow will happen. Once we got here we had a few hours before dinner, so the girls and I decided to form an airband called The Square (because it’s four of us!) So, us being really crazy and weird, we were pretending that we were the ones singing and playing the music that was playing. I was drums, Tara was bass, Annamaria was the lead singer, and Jessie was a guitar. The guys were laughing, and so were the other boats, but we were laughing with them. It was really fun today to Pico, get certified, and start an airband (watch out iTunes top charts!). Everyone is like my family now, and I’m very happy I came to AQ, but I’m still sad it’s almost over. It’s been great!