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British Virgin Islands - 2014, Session 2

Staff Update!

Location: West End, Tortola


Kat, Quin, and Emelia are so excited for their 12 new shipmates to get here! This seems like a great group coming from all over the world. Celestial Storm is going to have shipmates coming from Germany, Mexico, London, Colorado, Florida, and California! The staff has been busy getting the boat ready and know it will finally feel like home when everyone gets here! It's going to be an incredible session!

Here is an introduction to the staff of Celestial Strom:


Kat- skipper


This is Kat's third summer with ActionQuest, and she is so excited to be back as captain of Celestial Storm! Kat is twenty-five years old and from Los Angeles, CA. She grew up sailing with her parents in Mexico and the Caribbean, and since then, being on a boat has always felt like home. She raced sailboats competitively in college and has been teaching sailing since 2008. Kat has a bachelor's degree in international studies from UC San Diego and just received her master's degree in Nursing from UCLA. In addition to being captain, Kat is a member of the medical staff at ActionQuest.



Emelia- dive instructor

Emelia started ActionQuest as a student in 2008, never having sailed or dived before. She immediately fell in love with the program and continued as an AQ shipmate for six years, and this is her 2nd summer working as staff. Emelia is an Open Water SCUBA Instructor and is excited to spread the stoke for diving, sailing, and the ocean to all her students. Outside the AQ universe, Emelia studies marine science and anthropology at the University of San Diego and spends her free time surfing, rock climbing competitively, and attempting tricks on the slack-line. 

Quinlin- mate

Quinlin is a Dive Master who is now working at ActionQuest; he has just finished his training and is staying on as an intern. Quinlin is going to William & Mary this coming autumn and is majoring in Biology and minoring in Marine Science. This is his third year with the program, starting with Neptune and then advancing to Rescue and finally Divemaster. He wrestled all through middle and high school, placing 3rd in his weight class in the state this year. Quinlin also loves traveling and discovering new places.