Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

We began the day with scrambled eggs and delicious muffins. For the rest of the day, we had four two-hour rotation periods. First, we learned about the mechanics of the ship (e.g. bilge pumps and float switches) in preparation for our sailing exam. Next, we learned how to make awesome bracelets (or anklets) called Turk’s Heads. For lunch, we had tortilla soup (loved it) and broke out the saltines. After lunch, we went on a super exciting scuba dive at a dive spot called Sand Highway. The reef was gorgeous, and we saw many cool creatures: a sleeping nurse shark, a lionfish, and a kind of coral that has small tendrils of plant matter growing out of it. If you brush the tendrils, they will quickly dart back into the coral together. About three minutes later, they come back. We finished the rotations with wakeboarding. It was great. Finally, for dinner, we had a BBQ on the beach. It was a great day.