Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

“Only Time” by Enya flowed through the boat’s speakers this morning as our routine wake up call. Shipmates lay scattered across Squeaky B’s blue lagoon due to a slight rain. We rushed through breakfast in order to make it to rotations on time. Today’s rotation was different in that we split up into three groups, integrating with other sail side A boats. While two groups improved our watersports skills and watched sailing videos about Irving Johnson, the remaining group completed open water dive #4. Parents be proud: we are now certified open water scuba divers! Woohoo! Unfortunately I am not yet certified due to sinus congestion, but I will become certified very soon and be able to dive with my friends at our next dive, the RMS Rhone. We are very excited! Lunch was supposed to be tuna sandwiches, but instead we ate PB+J with fruit, then motored to Cane Garden Bay for the night. We took fresh water showers and have zero complaints about it! Anna and Ethan prepared a delicious Thai dinner, which was devoured within minutes. For the squeeze of the day, I asked “If you could describe our crew as a whole, what animal would we be?” Answers include dolphins, meerkats, honey badgers, shrimp, a wolf pack, sea otters, and turtles. Although these are random, on characteristic displayed by some of these animals is companionship. The bond that has grown these past 14 days is unreal. I never thought I would meet such incredible, honest people, especially in such a short amount of time. We have more inside jokes than I’ve ever had in my personal life. With one week left, the only thing against us is time. It will never overcome the experiences we’ve had and the memories we’ve made.