Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

They weren’t kidding when they said today would be the longest day ever. We had an early start at 6am to get ready for our action packed day ahead. After a quick breakfast of cereal and fruit, we arrived on shore for our hike. We were preparing to conquer Mt. Sage, which is the highest point in the Virgin Islands! I’m not going to lie, the uphill climb up the winding roads of Tortola was pretty difficult, but the view from the top made all of our hard work worth it in the end. I made it to the top in 1 hour 15 min and I was the 46th AQ climber to get to the top. On the way down, we stopped for refreshing banana smoothies. Once we made it all the way down, we ate lunch in Cane Garden Bay and explored the town. We then sailed to a small island called Sandy Cay and had a sandcastle building contest! As a boat, we created two dolphins in the shape of a ying-yang. I have never seen us work so efficiently together, and we all worked as a well-oiled machine to produce the beautiful final product. Then we sailed to Sidney’s Peace and Love restaurant for a delicious dinner buffet. All of the boats were rafted together, and we bought t-shirts, ate ice cream, and danced until it was time to return to our boats. We even found the time to get cornrows while we were there! Overall it was an action packed, long, and eventful day. We all had tons of fun and were ready to go to sleep after a long day.