Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today was another awesome day. We woke up early to begin a set of rotations. First, I jumped on the wakeboard with Anna and others. We are planning to try backflips the next time we go! Our next rotation was sailing the Picos for the last time on our trip. We had a classic boys vs. girls relay race with the boats. The boys won of course. After Pico sailing, Jess joined us for lunch and we ate the best vegetable soup I have ever had. After our meal, we went and met with our dive instructors for our second to last open water-training dive. We are all so excited to get our dive certification. Later that evening all the shipmates played cards together in the salon while we motored over towards the beach for a BBQ with all of the other boats. The BBQ was fun an it was nice meeting new people. We are all ready for a well-deserved sleep.