Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

So today was the last rotation day of the trip. We woke up with our daily song and while eating oatmeal for breakfast I had to leave Squeaky brat because we had to go to do our last open water dive which means that we are certified! We were then picked up to do waterskiing, where I did slalom but during it, I saw Haynes wakeboarding for more than ten seconds, which made me very happy. Sorry, before waterskiing we watched a cool video about sailing on Lady Aubrey with David. We then had a quick lunch and started our motor over to Cane Garden Bay where we got fuel and water. We are now bout to start our sail chat as we’ve already had dinner and squeezed where the question was: If you could be a fictional or non-fictional character of a movie or a book, who would you be?