Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

The day began with a grand tour of the ships systems. It was really fun getting to know the ins and outs of Squeaky brat; how the generator and engine work, how the seacocks and thru-hulls carry water into and outside of the boat, and everything else in-between. Afterwards we had a great Pico competition and, although the wind was shifty and delicate, it was a fantastic group activity. We then ate lunch with Mike (the man of many hats) and Torin. The soup just hit the spot! Next, we did watersports and people wake boarded, waterskied, and Pablo even slalomed like you wouldn’t believe. We finally scuba dived with our respective scuba instructors and finished all of our skills training. The aquatic life was colorful and beautiful to look at and breathing in water is always awesome! We then ate dinner together with all the other boats at the BBQ and had a great end to a great day. It was also my birthday and everybody was super nice: the big kids from Boaty/Erocibar even invited me to eat Smores with them. As Ice Cube said, today was a good day. 16-year-old me signing out!