Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today was a day filled with a lot of fun activities. Starting the day with a yummy breakfast of eggs and bagels got Rossi ready for wake/kneeboarding at 8. Then at 10 was our third open water dive. There were many interesting fish to see, like a trumpetfish and crabs. Only one more open water dive until we are certified divers! After a meal of tortilla soup, we all learned how to tie Turk’s Head knots and make them into bracelets/anklets. The last rotation of the day was a sail party, where we learned how to check the engine/what the engine parts are. After that, we got ready for the second BBQ of the session. The beach was beautiful, and the food was good at the party. Talking to other boats was a lot of fun, and the next BBQ is bound to be fun, as well. After such a fun-filled day, everyone ended with a nice Hibiclens shower, and everyone cannot wait for what tomorrow will bring us.