Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today was a pretty relaxing day. We woke up to smell of cooking eggs. Right after breakfast we motored over to Sommer’s beach. For most of the afternoon we worked on navigation underwater. Each buddy pair went down alone and navigated around to find objects that were placed in certain spots. After that we had navy bean soup for lunch and then we worked on our exits for unresponsive divers. After that we all kind of just hung around the boat and tanned, swam, and reviewed our books. An hour or so later, all the rescue divers got together on Sommer’s beach and we played rescue games with the Neptunes and Dolphins. We came up with games to encourage them to become rescue divers next year. It was really run to be the leaders and to introduce them to what rescue divers do. After the games we all hung out in the water and bonded. Tonight we have a beach BBQ and I can’t wait to get closer with all the AQ kids!