Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today, I woke up in Marina Cay and was happy to smell pancakes for breakfast. The staff had a meeting, so it was unusual to be cooking and cleaning without any supervision. I was happy to see everyone working together and getting along while doing their jobs. After the staff returned from the meeting, we left Marina Cay to head towards the wreck of the Chikuzen, a Japanese refrigerator vessel that has a very interesting past. The sail over to the wreck was very relaxing, and I enjoyed the change of pace compared to the bust last few days in the rescue course. The ship was not near any land, so I was very excited to dive at the wavy and remote spot. The dive itself was awesome. We spotted sharks, a lionfish, a stingray, and huge schools of fish. It was my favorite dive yet! After surfacing, we enjoyed chicken salad sandwiches for lunch, and we began our sail to Muskmelon Bay, where we would spend the night. I enjoyed today a lot because it was a break from rescue work and it was all fun. Our boat is really starting to get along well, and I am really looking forward to the next ten days!