Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today the majority of us awoke to our staff discussing just how much a human head weighs. By the time we came to the conclusion that it was approximately four arms, our ever-so-glamorous breakfast of oatmeal was ready. We are quickly, then all finished cleanup. Davis quickly hopped into the water to grab MK’s sunglasses that she’d dropped whilst boarding the boat right after the BBQ. Then we were off to a short sail over to Brewer’s Bay. During this, we all sat around the boat and looked over our EFR books and studied for our test. We had a quick snack of PB+J’s after anchoring and waiting for Marina to bring the other rescues from Shazam. Then we set up our gear and got briefed for another search and recovery dive. This time we made a jackstay pattern. MK and Meelz cooked our lunch of quesadillas, while groups 4 or 5 did our exercise. We then dinghied over to a site called “Shark Point.” We swam through an awesome swim-through and saw a few lionfish. Once we’d surfaced and dinghied back to the boat. Our next sail included our EFR tests. Forty-five questions later, we each handed our tests into Adam and let him grade them. While most of us lounged around, napped, and read, Adam corrected our tests, and we all passed! We then started freshwater showers and dinner. We also mixed and put a cake in the oven for Davis’ birthday! Halfway through, Adam attempted to short line the dinghy, and we had an impromptu man overboard drill. We arrived in Cane Garden Bay, then filled water and iced the cake. We had Sam and Lindsey come over to have Thai night with us. Just following dinner, we brought out the cake and sang Davis happy birthday. We gave him presents: a drawing of all of us, 25 hot dogs, and a can of Redbull. We did a quick sail to anchor away from the dock, then ate cake and cleaned up. Shazam just arrived to do our O2 practical test. After O2, I suspect we’ll have an early night to prepare for the hike tomorrow.