Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

The chefs woke up extra early this morning to make pancakes. They gave the first batch to the staff before they went to their staff meeting. We ate the rest of them with Nutella and syrup. Then we cleaned the whole boat before the staff got back. They were really happy about this. After some free time we headed out for a big sail to the dive site. Our dive site was the wreck of the Chikuzen. It was a really cool dive. There were lots of fishes, including trunkfish, Cat’s favorite! We swam through the inside of the wreck, it was a refrigerator barge, so it was an awesome swim through. On our sail back we was a rainbow and flying fishes. Just before we arrived into Muskmelon Bay, we found out that our 13th shipmate (an egg named Harold) had died and we gave him a Viking burial. Then we did a quick clean up before Mike, the director of ActionQuest, came over for dinner. Dinner was chili with rice and corn bread. Today’s squeeze question was “what has been your most serious injuryā€¯. We had a lot of freaky stories. Now we are getting ready to go on a night dive. Cat said she would make us brownies afterwards. Today was a good day – except for Harold – RIP Harold.