Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today was a jaw dropping day… literally! We woke up this morning to a breakfast of pancakes made by chefs Charles and Marissa. After we cleaned up, we left from Marina Cay and sailed for about five hours to Muskmelon Bay. During the sail, we practiced knots and man overboard drills with Barbara, our fender. Once we were anchored, at Muskmelon Bay, we showered and Marissa deep washed all of us girl’s hair with shampoo! After we were all clean, we had chili for dinner. During dinner for some reason, all of the AQ boats started doing wolf sounds back and forth. We also had a little conch war with the other boats! Marissa’s conch was easily the loudest! Every night at dinner, we have a squeeze question and the skipper leads this. Tonight my question was “If you could pick one person to live with for the rest of your life who would it be and why?” All of us had different answers and it was pretty cool to see what relationships people share with others. We tied up the night with an activity planned by our staff and also a Lifeworks talk on the bow with just us shipmates. The relationships we have built here are unreal. I have made some truly amazing friends and I think that goes for everyone on the boat.