Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today started out uneventfully, with most of the crew and staff waking after 7 am (how luxurious!). A late breakfast of scrambled eggs and hot sauce followed. We started sail training for all those trying to get their IYT crew certificate. Many tacks, jibes, and sailing maneuvers followed. The most eventful, however, was the man overboard exercises. Our “shipmate,” who I like to call Fender Bob, decided to go for an unplanned swim. Naturally, we had to rescue him, although Bob does not have to be a “him.” Bob can be a she, it, or whatever Bob feels like he/she/it wants to be. However, this is beside the point. The first try was unsuccessful. We went into irons too early and let Bob float out to sea. He/she/it was not pleased. The second attempt we were closer but still too far from Bob to help. He was just sitting there, and we passed by out of reach. Bob was still displeased. The third attempt, however, would have been successful if our boat was longer, or we grabbed Bob closer to the stern of the boat. Thus, we turned around for a fourth and finally, the fifth try. Bob was rescued on our time. Needless to say, we will not let him/her/it out of our sight. We continued sailing to Brewer’s Bay for a delicious lunch of mac and cheese. All ate well. After we kept sailing towards Sandy Spit. We relaxed on the beach until cookout time when we ate burgers and dogs. We showered on the boat afterward, (wow, such clean, very hygiene). I myself need to take my shower, so I will end today’s blog. It is B-log, by the way, not blog. Closing out the day at 8:08 and 20 seconds, exactly, this is Matthew.