Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning, after last night’s BBQ, the crew woke up to a sunny day at Sandy Spit. The first order of business was morning sailing practicals, which included exercises in tacking, jibing, heaving to, and man overboards. Midday saw the ship arriving at West End, where the journey began. Lunch was taken ashore, much for the enjoyment of the crew, who enjoyed conch fritters, Caesar salads, and cheeseburgers. For the afternoon, with a start time at 2:10, the boat engaged in a race onto Peter Island. The race, waged against all other ActionQuest vessels, was enjoyable, though the result is best left undisclosed. Upon arriving at Peter Island, showers and Mexican night got the crew clean and nourished. Now, after a hearty squeeze and amidst tiresome cleaning, we prepare ourselves for a hopefully inspirational Lifeworks session with the head of program Mike.