Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today the shipmates of Erocibar enjoyed a later wakeup call and a more relaxed morning because all the staff had a morning meeting. As skipper of the day, I was slightly terrified to keep the boat in order while Shannon, Sierra and Ben were at their meeting. We all recognized the benefits of multi-tasking as we cleaned up a delicious pancake breakfast while also having a dance party on the bow. Eventually Shannon, Sierra and Ben returned and we saved them leftover pancakes and fruit salad. After a quick trip to Marina Cay to fill up on water, we hopped off at Trellis Bay for a few hours to shop, explore and have lunch. Some of us explored a great art gallery filled with unique sculptures, jewelry and a group of friends stray cats, while others relaxed in the shade with smoothies. Once shower time was over, we quickly prepared the boat for an hour-long sail to Muskmelon Bay. On the way, the Vega students took the helm in preparation for our practical exam in a few days. The Carina students coached along the Vega students and reviewed concepts that they will have to master in time for their advanced sailing test. After anchoring in Muskmelon Bay we were all happy to reunite with our clean laundry and sheets and to take fresh water showers. Once we were all done, getting cleaned up we enjoyed chili and a Lifeworks Forum.