Location: Marina Cay

An early start to a busy morning led my crew and I to the boat Sailing Curls, where we were due to finally complete two of our certifications. Our first dive was an exciting trip that faced us with identifying fish and I had never witnessed before all the while being tossed around due to the current. A rather spectacular fish I saw was a leopard pattern grouper that had hid in an attempt of stealth beneath some coral but its hiding skills were futile in the end. Our next dive put us in a situation where we had to carefully navigate through a beautiful valley of coral plastered with colors of orange, red, and green, al the while having a flurry of rainbow fish. The two dives awarded us with our fish identification and boat dive certifications. After a relaxing sail we settled down to make Turk’s Head knots with the entire crew, then enjoyed some lovely pasta. (Editor’s note: the beginner scuba students completed open water dives 1 and 2 today).