Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

As we come to about halfway through our trip, the shipmates all woke up this morning with tired eyes. But this didn’t stop us from filling up with a great breakfast and starting the day with a Pico pirate treasure hunt. The Erocibarian crew split into two teams, Barbosa and Jack Sparrow. Objects, like a bowl, dish soap, water bottles, etc. were scattered in the area and when we heard go… IT WAS ON! Team Jack Sparrow won, but sadly no treasure was kept 🙁 At this point in the day the Erocibarians split between our advanced and beginner sailors for a rotation day. Coming from a beginner, we got to practice tying knots and once again getting used to being on the helm. We do have a practice sailing test coming up, so we need all the practice we can get honestly. The advanced sailors also got to sail and study. Although we weren’t together, I can say we all had a very eventful day. We are heading out from Muskmelon to our beach BBQ at Sommer’s Beach now. Tonight will be fun and delicious and the Erocibar crew has so much greatness ahead.