Location: Marina Cay

In the morning, we woke up at 7 am, and it was the second day we slept in. Then we started motoring. We started sailing 20 minutes later. Today I was the skipper. I started reading my summer reading book. Then I started talking to Francesca, and then Annabel joined. We sang Superbass. Then we talked to Arie and James. Then we started doing sailing circles. We learned to jibe and tack. The best sailor was Arie because he already knew how to sail. Then we went to Marina Cay to refuel gas and water. We then went to port. When we finished eating, we met up with Sam, Arie, and Ethan. Sam bought a spoon made out of wood. Then AJ and I went to buy stuff for our friends. Jackson and James went to touch puppies. Jackson wanted to take one home. Then AJ, Annabel, Ariela, and Francesca and I went grocery shopping. We then came on to the boat and cleaned the deck and our rooms. And the most exciting thing happened, we got freshwater showers. I really like being here; it is awesome.