Location: Marina Cay

Today might have been the best day of the trip; we did so many things! To start off the day, we woke up a bit later than normal, as we slept in whilst sailing to George Dog. Then we had burritos for breakfast with bacon, cheese, and fruit, it was really good. Afterwards we had to clean up the boat a little after breakfast, which wasn’t the best, but it was necessary as David promised something fun if we did it. The surprise ended up being a rope swing; a fender tied with a rope to the top of the mast which we jumped off all morning, it was so much fun! Not to mention, the staff spotted a baby reef shark swimming under the boat, which we were all dying to see all trip. When we got tired, we jumped off the side of the boat, filmed with our Go Pros, and even Haynes, Pablo, and Quincy back flipped! In the afternoon, we went scuba diving, which we were all anxious to go on, especially because we were told it was the deepest dive so far, at about 30 feet. It was just as good as I expected, we saw everything, and the water was so nice to get into on a hot day. I was also really glad that Jamie was our dive instructor; she showed us a lot of cool stuff and we did so many fun things, like back flipping underwater. We saw so many fish- squirrelfish, parrotfish and lots of different corals, in all shapes and sizes. When we got back from the dive, we jumped a few more times off the swing. We then set sail towards Marina Cay in the late afternoon, which I really enjoyed because I steered the boat. It was a really memorable moment- breeze in my face, music playing and laughing with friends. I hope tomorrow can be even better!