Location: Marina Cay

Today was a good day. We started our day off by eating cereal with some fruit. As soon as we finished our morning cleanup we set sail to start man overboard drills. We threw a fender with a rope coil, and the whole group executed the drill very well. During the drill we saw a huge sea turtle, which brings our crush count now to 21. We also saw a nurse shark. Our bruce count is now one. When we all had to drive the boat we were all so proud of our team’s work. After our drill we set sail back to Tortola, to the town of Trellis Bay. As we went to land we met up with the other boats and got a bite to eat at Jeremy’s Kitchen. We had a choice of eating BBQ ribs, BBQ chicken, etc. As we finished our meals we headed back to the dinghies and boarded our boat. We sailed to Marina Cay and dropped our anchor. As we finished cleaning our cabins and heads the chefs had started to cook tortellini with marinara sauce and garlic bread. The chefs had done a great job and we finished the day off with a squeeze question.