Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was another rotation day. We started the day with bagels and cream cheese, after that we jumped straight into the Picos for two hours. Jules, Jack, Brian and I decided to try and race each other. We had a couple close calls, but we never hit each other! A lot of happy faces during the day when everyone passed their final scuba diving exam! We are not certified yet though; we still need a few more training dive. After Picos, we dove straight into scuba diving. It was an activity enjoyed by the entire Calypso crew. Everyone completed open water dive #1, seeing fish we had never seen before and going deeper than we ever had before. After diving, we had a naptime, a special tradition on Calypso. Whilst some caught up on sleep, others were jumping off the side of the boat. We met some new people from boats in the fleet as well. This was followed by a lovely lunch made by Jack and Jules. It was grilled cheese devoured by everyone. We finished rotation day by doing some water sports, knee boarding, waterskiing and wakeboarding! Nathaniel was so close to doing the 360 on the kneeboard! Keep trying! Dinner was a Thanksgiving meal, which was popular with everyone. We had a sail chat after, from our skipper Griff. Tomorrow will be a new day, full of excitement. See you tomorrow!