Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today we woke up and got out of our hammocks just as our three leaders (a.k.a. fun facilitators) hoped into the dinghy and motored away to a meeting, leaving the boat in our hands for two whole hours. Uh oh! We were left with pancake batter and started to make Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes as a whole group and it was tons of fun. All of us covered our pancakes in a ton of Nutella and syrup and then cleaned up a while. We also made iced coffee and set the table for when Griff, Annie and Smash got back. On top of all of this, we decided to do some boat appreciation by scrubbing the deck before they got back. When the leaders jumped back on the boat, they were all very happy with us. After this, we detached from the mooring ball and set sail for the Dog Islands. There was not a ton of wind so it was difficult for the skipper to steer us there, but we all chilled out and listened to good music. When we got to the dogs we took a dinghy over to Sailing Curls, where all of us set up our diving gear. We all did a giant stride off the boat and made our descent all the way down to around 25 feet while making ring bubbles. At the bottom, we explored the colorful coral and practiced a couple of skills like taking off our masks and putting them back on. We then continued to swim and spotted some Blue Tangs, Angel Fish, a couple of camouflaged lizard fish along with a variety of other fish. We came back up to the surface and shared our diving stories and then went back to another boat where we set up a large rope swing off of the boom. There were a lot of awesome flips and some hilarious back flops. After all of these awesome activities we sailed over to where we are now; Muskmelon Bay. Soon each and every one of us was passed out asleep until the sound of the anchor woke us all up.