Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today was unlike most others. We got to sleep in past 7 am. We started the day by making pancakes and getting all new linens. After getting everything together, we motored over to Trellis Bay. People spent the day getting snacks at the market, visiting Aragorn’s art gallery, and getting famous excellent sandwiches from the Trellis Bay Cyber Cafe. The sandwiches were so good! We even got to eat right on the deck overlooking the beach. After stocking up on Powerades and organically grown mangoes, we took our dinghy back to our boat so we could set sail for Muskmelon Bay. The divemasters read their Encyclopedias of Scuba Diving while the Vegas got to take turns practicing their sailing circles. We practiced all of our sailing knots and learned how to tie flying bowlines. We jibed into Muskmelon Bay and anchored for the night. To end the night we had our squeeze question and ate a lot of delicious chili with rice. We’re excited to get back to diving tomorrow.