Location: Marina Cay

It’s hard to say this was the best day in ActionQuest because all the days have been just as amazing. The thing about AQ is that it doesn’t stop taking me by surprise. For example, today I woke up to the sound of Lady Gaga calling my name (in her song “Alejandro”). Being the skipper of the ship meant that I had to go wake everyone up and then make sure the ship was ready to sail. Everything went as planned, and an hour later we were in Great Dog Island ready to scuba dive Our second open water dive, this time we would be going ten meters underwater. Something very interesting about scuba diving is that it is exactly like it is in the movies. The zero gravity feeling, and the calmness of the sea, the amazing underwater wildlife. Looking up while 11 meters below water and being impacted by the amount of water above is definitely not a normal feeling. Max actually spotted a shark calmly swimming below us. After scuba diving we did a boat appreciation cleanup, which meant we had to clean every single part of the boat. After that we sailed to Marina Cay and went to shore.