Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

The morning was off to a quick start with a 6:45 wake up call and picked up the anchor at 7:00! Our crew motored our way over to Mountain Point. During our short passage, we had breakfast, which consisted of cereal and fruit. Once we arrived at Mountain Point, we did our dishie and deckie jobs, we had a map quest in place of our navigation skills rotation, which we completed the night before. After all the shipmates napped for a bit more than an hour, we headed to a confined water area to finish our confined water dive 3,4 and 5. After finishing our scuba dive confined water practice, we came back to the boat for a Tuscan White Bean soup, which Griffin cooked. After lunch, we took the boat out to do some sailing practice. Each shipmate was rewarded a cookie, which was Chips Ahoy, for doing an excellent job at manning the helm. After a fun 4 hours of sailing, we motored the boat back to our anchorage. We anchored the boat and went for a short swim followed by our salt-water showers during our scuba and sailing practice, our shipmates really showed how much we can work together, and the incredible things we can accomplish.