Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Day 4 was a day that the entire crew was looking forward to from the beginning of the trip, due to it being the first day of scuba diving! The day started off with a nice breakfast of bagels and yogurt, a great start to a relaxed morning. We were given the plan of the day and we saw that it didn’t consist of any sailing, but instead a bunch of smaller, faster activities. The first thing we did was practice knots for docking; no one struggled because we’re that good. Well, a few messed up when throwing lines. We were also reminded multiple times on the most important part of sailing- to look cool. Next we all had a go on a small dinghy with an engine. We got the hang of driving about and parking next to the yachts and we learned the proper way to say “Lady Aubrey” when our British instructor said it. At lunch we got an aquatic surprise when a turtle popped up and showed it’s face to us, making our turtle count at 3. My highlight was at watersports. After trying and failing multiple times wakeboard I tried to waterski and finally got a different result to a face full of water. I felt free and amazing while being dragged behind the boat. Everyone else’s highlight arrived when we got to go scuba diving, although the water was a bit sandy so visibility was limited. The feeling of breathing underwater opened up my world to new experiences.