Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a very busy and exciting day. We woke up bright and early to the sound of goats on Peter Island. The entire boat worked to het ready for the day by cooking a delicious breakfast of breakfast burritos and tidying up the boat. We then motored out to open water so we could pump our tanks. The Neptunes got to dive the Fearless, a wreck just outside of GHP. Meanwhile, the dolphins completed an underwater naturalist dive. The wreck of the Fearless was awesome to dive, and it had many interesting fish that we got to see. After the dive, we headed back to our boat for a wonderful lunch of grilled cheese. We were all famished from our activities earlier in the day. Next both the Neptunes and dolphins got to go on a fun boat dive which was student led. I managed to navigate our group perfectly and we surfaced right at the bow of Great White. After that, I had a chance to go wakeboarding along with a few other shipmates. I managed to get up all 4 times even though I didn’t stay up for very long. Tonight we are having summertime Thanksgiving for dinner and everyone is really looking forward to this delicious meal. After that, we are having a movie night on the blue lagoon. Today was another awesome day in the BVI’s