Location: Marina Cay

The day started with a semi early wake up call, 6:40am. Today, my crew tried to eat me. I fended them off with a loaf of stale baguette. We all finished a lovely ration of dried flakes of corn and frosted wheat (aka cereal), with a lovely amount of fresh squeezed boxed milk. After our breakfast, we shipped to sea. We encountered bands of pirates who tired to steal our clothing from the lines, also known as winds. We arrived at our destination, Dead Chest Island. Yo ho ho and a bottle of……. an appropriate drink. We jumped into the shimmering blue in search of treasure! And adventure! The dive was wonderful, our gear, of magical origin which allowed us gills worked flawlessly. We then started on a sail to port, Road Town. We encountered lovely people who bestowed this magical essence upon us called “Wi-Fi” so we could write home to our loved ones. They also allowed us to feast! We filled up on water. Then we shipped off to our newest destination, Marina Cay. We all washed off the salty water from our body with more salt water and soap. It was lovely! I felt as clean as the poopdeck! Tonight we dine upon tortellini and garlic bread. Washing it down with overly sweet elixir called Gatorade and lemonade. After, we shall load ourselves into the dinghies and row to shore, where we shall engage in a lovely gathering called lifeworks. We then will return to the ship, cast our lines and wait till the morning to receive our next meal, it shall be glorious! Then we will most likely climb into our hammocks for the night. I shall wish my crew sweet dreams, and allow them to rest their sleepy eyes. I shall stay up on look our for bands of pirates, giant Kraken, and the fearsome, ferocious bear that lives on board, but only seems to come our when the crew sleeps. Until tomorrow – your fearless captain.