Location: Sydney's, Jost van Dyke

Today started with a 6 AM wake up accompanied by cereal. Then it was time to head to Cane Garden Bay to begin our 7-mile hike. Me, Haynes, Seth, William, and Trip stuck in a group while Francis, Greg, Shea, Kayla, Kristen, and Gabbie stuck in the group behind us. While the 3 1/2 mile track up was struggling, painful, and sometimes regretful, the final destination was most definitely worth it. When our group finally reached the peak of the mountain the view was absolutely stunning. Me, Haynes, Will, and Trip all wrote our names down in the book and we all finished in the top 20 hikers to reach the top, while Morgan finished in 10th, rallying all of us on Erocibar. Accompanying this fulfilling moment, we all got banana smoothies and prepared to head back down. When we reached the bottom we ate cheeseburgers at the exact restaurant that Jimmy Buffett wrote cheeseburgers in paradise about. After having some cheeseburgers in paradise we did our final shopping and headed to an island to build sand castles. Our boat decided to build an anchor with the ActionQuest logo in the middle. After making an awesome anchor we loaded up again. We are now setting sail for Sydney’s barbecue to have a great time.