Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today was a special day and one to remember. Not only did we do our first open water dives, but also for the third time on this trip it was the birthday of one of the shipmates (Charles). We started off this special day with some delicious pancakes for breakfast, afterward we motored our way over to Great Dog Island where we did our first open water dive, on the contrary to our confined dives we did very few skills and got to see the incredible beauty of the ocean, the best part is that it was not only one dive, but after a surface interval where we had quesadillas for lunch, we got into the water again for another incredible dive. Afterward, we did about two hours of sailing practice, and then made our way to Muskmelon Bay at Guana Island where we showered after a long day. Later we had chili and rice for dinner with individual guest Nation from Under Pressure. To finish the day off we had a Charles themed squeeze and then we all excelled in a boat appreciation where we cleaned the whole outside and inside of our new home. On the end of this beautiful day, we all went to bed thinking about what tomorrow may bring and waiting anxiously for our next adventure aboard this trip.