Location: Marina Cay

Today was a really amazing day. We started off the day sailing and mastering jibing. We traveled to collect water at Scrub Island, which though still in repair from Hurricane Irma, was really beautiful as the water was crystal clear. We all then sailed on to Trellis Bay where we had some shore time to shop and stock up on snacks, get food, and call home. Once we all had lunch we rushed to the shop next door to stock up on snacks. The shop’s shelf were very empty! After buying our food we quickly hurried back to the boat to pick up some close toed shoes and then were dropped back off at the beach where we started a beach cleanup. The crew of Sans Souci was on metal duty- we had to pick up big beams of metal and move them to a different spot. It was very hard work as it was hot and the beams were heavy, but we all worked well as a team and I think afterwards we all felt a great sense of accomplishment. Once we got back to the boat we showered, had food, and sat down to listen to a talk from Jim Tuman. His talk was really eye opening and hit home for some of us. Today showed us a new side of the world and it gave us a lot to think about.