Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today on the vessel Sans Souci we practiced man overboard drills and had our final diving exam in the morning and a lovely BBQ on the beach with all the boats. We started off the day with an early awakening and eggs for breakfast, and right after we took our diving final exam which most of us passed. After the exam, we practiced tying knots and we all made Turk’s Head anklets and bracelets. Afterward, we sailed out to sea and practiced man overboard drills where we threw a fender which we then had to retrieve in a man overboard drill. We all passed even though we had to do some victory laps. Later that day we went to a beach BBQ with all of the other boats. While we were anchoring there was a lot of purple jellyfish that looked really cool. While we were at the beach BBQ it started to rain and it was fun watching the people run and try to protect their food. After that everyone left the beach and our group was the last boat to return to our home and when we did we celebrated Alina’s birthday with a yummy cake. Our day will end with a squeeze circle.