Location: Underway to St. Tropez

This morning we awoke to the brisk air in Calvi for a breakfast of freshly baked muffin bars, yogurt, and fruit. We quickly cleaned up the boat and our cabins so we could head out on the dinghies to the town for a walk up to the old town in search of the location where the French “shot out Lord Nelson’s eye.” Unfortunately, when our resident French linguist Henry asked the people in the town about this alleged engraving above the opening of a castle, no one seemed even to know it existed. While we found amazing views of the Corsican coast, picturesque ally-ways illuminated by orange rays of sun, and an abundant amount of stairs, our quest for the French engraving proved relatively fruitless, ending in us agreeing on the fact that a crumbled hole in the side of a hill must have been where the engraving was before it had eroded. Once we finished our tour of the Old Town, we split into small groups to explore this quiet and interesting coastal city. We bought Limunata, Baguettes, Coca-Cola and plenty of water and headed back to the boat for lunch. After lunch, we again boarded the dinghies and this time rode off to the sandy and crowded beach for a few hours. After getting plenty of sunburns, dodging black sea urchins, and enjoying the bright white sands and turquoise water of the Med we headed back to Argo for sea-showers and a short class on the basics of sailing with Faloon. Finally, we gathered in the cockpit for the Squeeze, today’s question is: “If you died tomorrow, would you be happy about everything you did today?” We prepared for an evening motor trip to St. Tropez by dining on pork chops, rice, falafel, and Becca’s mother’s now famous homemade sauce.