Location: Saint Tropez

After a long night of four-hour shifts, sailing between Calvi and Saint Tropez, a tired and sleepless crew were ordered to prepare to step foot on the famous beach of “Plage de Pampelonne.” But first, an unpopular decision which involved scrubbing and waxing the salty hull of Argo. Once done, an enlightened crew quickly ran below deck to grab their swimwear before making their way towards the beach in the yachts rib boats. Once on our way, we experienced a malfunction with the engine, which restricted us to a mere 2 knots. Finally, when we arrived at the beach, a few smiles of relief were shared before everyone went about doing their things. While some enjoyed simply laying in the sun, others played sports, and everyone discovered exactly why the beach is so popular with tourists and the locals. At lunchtime, we were back on the boat and ready to make our way towards Saint Tropez. A destination everyone agreed was going to be a highlight of the trip. Saint Tropez did not fail to please, and everyone walked out with smiles on their faces. While in Saint Tropez, many explored this old vibrant fishing town and took advantage of its snazzy restaurants, shops, and culture. With everyone back on the boat for dinner, we ended another exciting day in the cockpit by doing Squeeze, with today’s question being: “If you could sail anywhere in the world with Argo and arrive in the early hours of tomorrow morning. Where would you go?”