Location: Bonifacio, Corsica

Today, the crew of the Argo sailed into the waters of Corsica. We woke up for a breakfast of baked goods and yogurt, enjoying the scenery. To describe the Corsican coast is not an easy task; its specific brand of beauty not common in many parts of the Mediterranean, and far rarer elsewhere in the world. The landforms sheer, white cliffs of sedimentary rock that stretch high upwards, creating a majestic effect. In this towering wall were several caves, one of which we explored. We took the dinghies into the opening in the rock, to find a tranquil cave pool. Bats flew overhead as we motored in. We swam in the pool for about fifteen minutes, then returned to Argo. After this, we were scheduled to make port at Bonifacio, but because the harbor is highly desired after we were forced to wait for several hours until we could dock. Once we did, the crew went into town to explore and shop. There were many boutiques, gelaterias, and cafes. There were also several, very fancy looking restaurants, but these we did not go into. The old town was especially fascinating, the architecture there cramped, but quaint, in a way. At six o’clock, the crew returned to the Argo for the squeeze (the skipper asks a question that everyone answers- tonight where will you be in 5-10 years?), then prepared to go out for dinner in the town.