Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today we woke up to a light drizzle of rain which was a nice start to the day. After everyone woke up and got themselves cleaned and ready to go, we ate cereal outside with a nice morning breeze. Given the option to scuba dive, snorkel, or chill in the morning let everyone choose whether they had enough energy to gear up or go for a peaceful swim. David, Daniel, and Abby decided to go snorkeling and the first thing they did was attach a reel to the ladder and tie it to themselves in order to take a rest in the water. Throughout the rest of the morning, they could be spotted by those chilling on the roof of the boat, climbing the rocks and waving to one another with an occasional dab and/or T pose. We ported at Road Town and found a beautiful city stacking over hills with a view of the ocean. So far this has been one of the only cities that looks like it has recovered from hurricane Irma. The locals were kind to us and gave us directions to the supermarket where they had the best drink known to man: a nice cold Capri-Sun. As time passed, the port could no longer be seen in the distance and all the boats began to race one another. Ours slowly moved up the ranks from fourth, third, and evidently second. Changes of Latitude was becoming unreachable as three members of the boat began to do the Fortnite L dance and sped off. Our good ol’ Entertainer came in third as we let the day slowly end. Before anything else happened, everyone grasped the hands of those around them and answered the question, ‘What is one skill you’ve been taught, this entire trip?”. After we finished the squeeze we wrote cards bringing a close to the trip. There couldn’t have been a better way to finish than watching Ethan and Ben putting on “unique” helmets and running into each other and seeing who would move first.