Location: Marina Cay

Everything started at 6:45 am when Blue Tide’s crew woke up slowly but surely to sail. We spent all morning practicing our sailing skills: tacking, jibing, and man overboard drills. We then made our way to Trellis Bay where we had lunch on shore. As recommended by Kayleigh, many of us tried the ribs and weren’t disappointed. Blue Tide’s crew made their way to the grocery store where everybody rushed to the sweets aisles. In the afternoon we moved onto more serious activities: the entire camp united to help rebuild and clean the beach ravaged by Hurricane Irma. We were divided into groups, and each was assigned an activity. We all worked for three hours with high spirits and motivation, as we were helping an area in need. We see a lot of disasters on tv but never usually do something about it. Although this time we did, I felt so helpful and pleased to do a charitable activity, and seeing everybody contribute to this cause with enthusiasm and passion was amazing. Our activity consisted of cleaning the beach by removing fiberglass and other waste from the premises. We ended this busy day with a beautiful group picture on the beach. Now I’m writing while dishes are being cleaned and music is being blasted. We are all having the time of our lives, thank you to our parents and instructors!