Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

This morning we woke up reasonably early to gather our dirty laundry and load it into the boat to be taken to Tortola and cleaned. We were then rewarded with bowls of cereal for breakfast. Once the cockpit was all cleaned up, Will, Martin, and I jumped into the sailing dinghies and enjoyed a sail about all of the stationary ActionQuest boats. After a couple of hours of playing around in the dinghies, we were greeted by a dinghy ready to take us out for some watersports. Once we were on the water, we had loads of fun on the kneeboard, wakeboard, and slalom skiing. We then headed back to the boat for some downtime while grilled cheese sandwiches were made by Martin and Alex. After lunch we headed over to Tropical Oasis to get all set up for my favorite scuba dive yet. During the dive, we saw lots of cool stuff like coral reefs, little caverns, and a lionfish. Following the dive, we retreated to our boat to relax for a while before we had dinner with Mike. After dinner and a few other activities, we were greeted by a couple of scuba tests and the day slowly came to a close after everyone handed in their tests.