Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

What’s up dog! After our late night BBQ and dance party, we had an easy and slow start this morning. The crew collected themselves and shared their stories from the night before at breakfast. After breakfast, we had a little bit of work to complete and a few lectures. Throughout the two and a half hour sail, it was quite chilly, and about everyone took the time to take a nap. When we arrived, the Neptunes and Dolphins both had their work to get done. The Neptunes had a deep dive to 100ft, and the Dolphins had a talk about underwater photography and then got to experiment with our cameras on the dive. When everyone was back aboard, we took our showers, and it was time for Mexican night! For most of the day, it was cloudy and chilly with a few great dance sessions too! To end the night we have a lecture on wreck diving with all of the dive side on our boat. Let’s hope tomorrow can one up this one!